Thursday, May 27, 2010

What to Wear With Wedge Shoes? By Jamie Simpson

The wedge shoe is another fashion style of the high heel. The wedge shoe named because the heel area fades to a taper into the toe area and runs the length of the shoe. It has the appearance of a wedge from the side view. They are as versatile as the high heel and can be worn with fashionable athletic wear, summer shorts and mini skirts, or with office attire and evening wear. The wedge was popular footwear during the 40"s and its comeback has it become even more appealing for all ages.
Styles of the wedge shoe are even more stylish and offer footwear from a low wedge such as a sandal for a causal look, or a medium wedge for dress shoes styled for work or evening wear, and the platform wedge for casual or evening wear. Depending on the style and brand name, the wedge shoe offers a wide variety of colors and styles. They can be worn with most dress lengths, from short to long. Prices start at $19.99 and up.
For summer wear, try open toe sandals or canvas wedge shoes. Great for athletic wear or casual summer dresses. The wider widths of wedges offer a more secure and balanced feel while the narrow stylish wedges offer more of a stylish shoe with flair. These shoes offer something for every age group depending on the look you are after. From comfort sling backs to grommet high - top sneakers, your feet will look great in one of the many wedge styles. For styles, colors, and cost check out the many brand names available online.
There is no better time then summer time, to show off your legs wearing a unique and classy style of open-toed wedge sandals. The higher the wedge the more of a sleek long look your legs will appear to have. You want to be taller the platform wedge will add inches to your height.
You can wear the wedge shoe with fashion sports wear, athletic apparel, or with a more dressy type wardrobe. For summer fun choose your favorite wedge to wear with you sun dress, short skirts, or shorts and Capri's. There are wide arrays of styles that can be worn with long evening dresses for special events.
Brand name wedge shoes can be found at leading retail stores or online at unbeatable prices, unlimited styles, designs, and a price to fit any budget.
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wedding Shoe Options For Petite Women

Are you a petite woman looking for wedding shoes? If so, I have some great advice for you. I've looked through all of the different bridal shoes and found some fantastic options for you.
Wedding Wedge Heels: First, consider buying a pair of wedge heels. The wedges will be easy to walk in and pretty comfortable. Plus, if you are having an outdoor wedding, your feet will not sink into the ground. Finally, with the wedge, you will be able to alter your dress to the floor and you can still glide around in them. Walking in wedge heels is much easier since you can glide like you do with ice skates or roller blades, something you can't do with regular heels.
Regular heels: Another option is to consider regular heels, but try buying them a bit higher if you want to look taller. 3 to 4 inch heels would be great since it would give you the added height. Plus, if you are used to heels, then it will be no problem to slip on these heels for you. Finally, look in your closet. You may already have a pair of silver or gold shoes that can serve as your bridal shoes. The best thing about that? You will have already broken them in.
Platform wedding shoes: Another option is to look forplatform wedding shoes. These are great since they will give you the added height, but also the added comfort. There are many more elegant platform bridal shoes in the market today in countless colors. More and more brides are finding these to be an excellent choice since they have figured out that standing all day in heels can be really uncomfortable. Having that extra padding in front makes the heels shorter and gives you extra comfort.
Kitten heels: Another option is lower kitten heels. Although they won't be as high, they will definitely be comfortable. Plus, if you are petite, you will still have a little height, but also look really cute in small lower heels. The kitten heel has the advantage of coming in more styles since it is easier to wear lower heels.
If all of these shoes don't work, then look for something fun that you like. As a petite woman, you have many options because most likely, your husband is taller than you. Wearing heels will not make him look short. Not wearing heels will also not be so bad since you will just look small and cute. The only obstacle you may run into is if your feet are smaller than a 6. If that is the case, some manufacturers may not make shoes in your size since many shoe designers stop at a 6. But, if you are patient and look around, you will be able to find something.
Jenny Wells is a bridal consultant for women in Los Angeles and Miami. She also selects fantastic shoes for the site She has found that a fantastic pair of silver wedding shoes can do a lot for the bride's look on her big day.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Buy Discount Alaia Shoes

One brand name that is renowned for it's quality is Alaia shoes. Even today you can find his beautiful footwear so sought after by women who know a thing or two about shoes across the world. He was born into a farmers family in Tunisia on June 4th 1940. His love for design was said to of come about through his sister and when the opportunity came around to study at a local art school he gave a false age to gain entry. Following his graduation he became a dressmaker, this is where his business grew rapidly and he never looked back. Through the wild and art inspired shoe designs he creates he has come to be very well respected. As an example of some of designs:
Alaia Suede Heels
These heels really do stand out for being attractive as well as bold and artsy. The actual heel itself stands at a dizzy 4 ½", this is without a platform. If you can walk in these without falling over they will make a stunning addition to any outfit. The heel has a light grey suede running the length of it. These particular shoes are for those that are looking for that little something different, just take care when wearing them!
Python Skin Platforms
This style would normally appear as a cute set of heels with the sweet structure and shape of the shoe. Then you take into account the python skin and the cutesy look is soon forgot. These Alaia shoes are both bold and sexy. The thin straps on the ankle have the opposite at the toe with the cinched thick straps. An edgy look is added to this shoe with its prominent python skin covered heels, add to this the jet black color and you have one sexy heel on your hands.
Tie-Up Leather Sandal with Rivets
Every stitch of these Azzedine Alaia sandals are stunning. The thick black heels fit in perfectly with the overall style of the shoe. Metal rivets add texture and sparkle to the black leather straps. The straps on the heels feature 2 cut-out sides that meet in the middle and lace through the rivets. All in all the shoes are an intricate and beautiful design. Putting all the features together results in a head turning shoe.
Platform Wedge with Cut Outs
These are a fun and eccentric pair of wedges mixed in with a big dose of charm. The geometric red/brown leather pattern makes up the shoes upper. Not only is the pattern eye catching, it is also unique. The leather used even gives off a stunning shine that really adds to the look of the shoes. With an amazing six inch high heel these are not for those that suffer from vertigo. There is some lovely detailing, reversed black triangles, that sits between the wedge and the sole. These sit really well against the brown heel. Taking all these beautiful features into account they are going to be first choice for women looking to buy Alaia wedges
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

High Heeled Ladies Wedge Sandals and a Blind Date

I have three pairs of shoes near the front door. Two of them are wedge sandals. One pair is my favorite Kork-ease sandals I use for everything, and the others are designer wedge shoes that have a lower heal so I don't totally destroy the others when I water the garden. The third pair are not wedge shoes but red stilettos for dancing and in general killing myself (in a very sexy style) as I walk the endless stone steps of the AlbaicĂ­n in Granada near where I live.
Barcelona Wedge Sandals
Now, inside my closet, that is quite another shoe story. I have some cork wedge sandals...well, actually, I have piles and piles of wedge sandals, but I'm going to tell you about only one pair that I bought in Barcelona. They have a sassy strap of stripped multicolored fabric around the ankle and are otherwise beige leather with a high cork wedge heel. This pair of shoes comes with a tale.
You see, I needed a new pair of shoes, with the word NEEDED being relative to the fact that I had a blind date (this was just before I met my husband three years ago) and so I went into a shop and fell in love with these wedge sandals that are about 4 inches high, which made me over 6 feet tall, but I didn't care. I happily wore my sexy wedges to the plaza nearest to the Picasso Museum where I was to meet my friend's friend on my blind date adventure.
When the gentleman arrived we both looked at each other and immediately began to laugh. He was about 5 foot nothing, and although very charming and handsome, had not expected to meet a woman twice his height...well not quite but my new sassy, sexy wedge sandals hadn't helped the situation. We quickly left the museum and wandered toward the beach where I immediately removed my sandals and carried them the rest of the afternoon (by those oh so sassy little ankle straps) and continued went barefoot.
The relationship never went beyond a laughingly good friendship, and I later met my husband, who was much taller than me and loved my super high-heeled wedge shoes. But I often get a little laugh when I see those cork wedges in my closet and remember the look on my date's face as he strained to look up into my eyes and introduce himself.
So, if you're looking for ladies wedge sandals for a blind date, it may be a good idea to give your friend a call (or whoever set you up) and ask, "I'm about to buy some new shoes, how tall is my date?"
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

5 Perfect Styles of Wedge Heels

Too many people resign themselves to buying the same old colors and designs year in and year out. It's always black, white, tan or a mix of those colors or pumps, flats and plain high heels. With the thousands of tints available in every color, it's time to branch out into new and creative colors. And with the thousands of styles of shoe, break out of the rut with a wedge heel. Change up your wardrobe with these 5 fun wedges:
  1. The often overlooked pastel colors look beautiful during the spring and summer months. Just as the tulips are sprouting is the ideal time to break out a pair of lavender, yellow or pastel pink sandal wedges to go with the May flowers.
  2. Speaking of spring, what about a crazy, cool pair of rubber soled wedges for the rainy days? Comfort and style in the blossom of spring showers. You can even find a great pair of wedge boots for the rain. Sploshing around in puddles never looked as fashionable as with a pair of great boots with a wedge heel.
  3. Make a statement in red wedge heels. Red is dazzling, sexy and modern. The higher the better when it comes to wearing red shoes, thank goodness the wedge makes it easy to go higher. Wedges let you go a lot higher than stilettos because they support the arch of your foot, making it much easier to walk around in.
  4. Black may be comfortable and old hat, but you can change up your wardrobe and still find a fresh new style of black wedge shoes. Betsey Johnson has a terrific style of black which has a sweet little polka dot bow on the toe and patent upper. It's fantastic and, while black, it's just funky enough to add a fresh new look to anyone's wardrobe.
  5. Platform wedges have the distinction of being both cool and comfortable. The raised platform under the toe that helps level the foot out, either slightly or completely, can make the foot feel fabulous even if it's 6 inches high.

There are hundreds of new and different styles of shoes to make your wardrobe feel fun and alive. Bring your clothes to life with something new and different. These are just five choices among thousands. You'll find so many more that may seem intimidating at first, however, if you begin to picture the style on your foot, or with an outfit, you'll see that they'll look tremendous.
As part of my ongoing efforts to raise awareness of new and different styles of wedge shoes, I find women are a little intimidated by buying colorful or funky shoes. Just a look at the runways of Milan and Paris and you'll see how a pair of strange, cool and colorful wedges can be worn with so many outfits. Get more ideas about wedge heels by visiting my site about wedges.

Buying Cheap Wedge Shoes & Peep Toe Wedge Shoes Online

The secret is out on where to find great cheap wedge shoes and peep toe wedge shoes. One can try your local department store, but that will limit the choices significantly. Instead, opt for purchasing shoes online. The prices are cheaper, the selection is more vast and it's a lot better for the environment.
Shopping for wedge shoes has always been difficult in the past. First, one must find a shop with a good variety available. Local department stores tend to carry more varieties of stilettos, pumps and flats. The wedge shoes are limited to espadrilles or other casual wear shoes. One may, or may not, find a peep toe wedge at a good price, but the options are even more limited in that respect. By comparison, online shops don't have to stock their merchandise at a small storefront shop, and therefore offer a larger selection of shoe choices for the consumer. As a bonus you can even find your department store online, and they will have many varieties of shoe at their website. You can even comparison shop easier, making your ultimate purchase very cheap indeed.
Shopping at different websites not only gives more variety, there is less overhead as well. Even the department stores can lower the cost of merchandise sold online as they do not have to display the stock, hire salespeople, pay for retail location overhead; which can be very expensive. This passes the savings onto the consumer, not only at the website, but at the local stores as well. A department store can send their customers to the website in order to shop for a specific shoe style that is unavailable at the local store. Consumers can maintain the loyalty to stores, while getting exactly what they want.
Finally, without all the driving around trying to find a specific type of wedge or designer, a consumer uses less gasoline. This not only saves money in the long run, it's also good for the environment. Additionally, most reputable shoe websites offer free shipping, meaning customers not only get the bonus of everything pointed out in this article, they have no additional charges to calculate.
Whether shopping for peep toe wedges, Marc Jacobs shoes, or just a pair of funky platforms, consumers save money, time and the environment by shopping online. It's as simple as typing the color, style and design of shoe into the search engine and pressing the link.
My mission, as a shoe-obsessed woman, is to introduce the wedge shoe in all its glory to the world of shoes. Wedges have a unique style that no other shoes can match. They can be found in hundreds of different colors, styles, heights or designs. Additionally they can be worn to just about any event. The problem comes when women try to find them locally. Instead, find them online, you'll get a great selection and incredible prices. Come visit me for more information on shopping for cheap wedge shoes and peep toe wedge shoes

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Retro Wedges - The Top Sellers of 2010

Are you looking for another retro wedge for your fashion closet? This is the season to look for them, and a lot of new styles have been released during the last few months. While it is too early to tell which will be the top sellers of 2010, the following have a head start and have sold the most so far this year:
1. Clarks Wellfleet Tbar: If you have the courage to slip into dramatic style this season, then this Clarks wedge pair may be just the thing for you. What makes it so special is the leather and suede uppers with metal hardware in a sleek silhouette, not to mention the adjustable strap closure with buckle hardware that provide for a fantastic fit. The soft interior lining massages your feet with each and every step, which makes this footwear not only stylish but also comfortable. In order to prevent prevent foot fatigue and step shock, the wedge has a genuine rubber outsole with pebbled texturing.
2. LAUREN Ralph Lauren Cecilia Wedge Espadrille: This shoe is perfect for any classic summer escapade, and the peep toe adds for some added sexiness. The silk shantung upper with crisscrossed vamp straps could not be any more comfortable, and the raffia insole with Lauren Ralph Lauren screen print on the footbed simply is to die for. Made in Spain, this wedge has a raffia and rubber sole for traction and comfort.
3. Kork-Ease Bette New: This classic platform wedge sandal may be just the addition your closet needs for a classy update. To ensure a perfect fit, it comes with an adjustable buckle and ankle strap, and the footbed is lightly padded for extra comfort. Fashionistas will love the buffed leather upper that crisscrosses over the front. This Brazilian creation is just perfect for hot spring days and summer.
We hope one of these retro wedges have caught your interest. Check them out to understand why they are the most popular retro style wedges so far in 2010.
Jill B. Watson is a fashion school graduate and hobby writer with a particular focus on bags, clothing, and shoes. For pictures and to find moreretro wedges, please visit
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