Thursday, May 27, 2010

What to Wear With Wedge Shoes? By Jamie Simpson

The wedge shoe is another fashion style of the high heel. The wedge shoe named because the heel area fades to a taper into the toe area and runs the length of the shoe. It has the appearance of a wedge from the side view. They are as versatile as the high heel and can be worn with fashionable athletic wear, summer shorts and mini skirts, or with office attire and evening wear. The wedge was popular footwear during the 40"s and its comeback has it become even more appealing for all ages.
Styles of the wedge shoe are even more stylish and offer footwear from a low wedge such as a sandal for a causal look, or a medium wedge for dress shoes styled for work or evening wear, and the platform wedge for casual or evening wear. Depending on the style and brand name, the wedge shoe offers a wide variety of colors and styles. They can be worn with most dress lengths, from short to long. Prices start at $19.99 and up.
For summer wear, try open toe sandals or canvas wedge shoes. Great for athletic wear or casual summer dresses. The wider widths of wedges offer a more secure and balanced feel while the narrow stylish wedges offer more of a stylish shoe with flair. These shoes offer something for every age group depending on the look you are after. From comfort sling backs to grommet high - top sneakers, your feet will look great in one of the many wedge styles. For styles, colors, and cost check out the many brand names available online.
There is no better time then summer time, to show off your legs wearing a unique and classy style of open-toed wedge sandals. The higher the wedge the more of a sleek long look your legs will appear to have. You want to be taller the platform wedge will add inches to your height.
You can wear the wedge shoe with fashion sports wear, athletic apparel, or with a more dressy type wardrobe. For summer fun choose your favorite wedge to wear with you sun dress, short skirts, or shorts and Capri's. There are wide arrays of styles that can be worn with long evening dresses for special events.
Brand name wedge shoes can be found at leading retail stores or online at unbeatable prices, unlimited styles, designs, and a price to fit any budget.
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